Reprobates in Johannesburg, out of control!

There is a new group on the streets of Johannesburg who have resorted to gang-like, counter-revolutionary behaviour in order to evoke a response from the community. "Out of control" and "disorderly" are some of the phrases used to describe encounters with this most unusual mix of individuals. Known to be based in the Johannesburg CBD, sightings have been reported in the Fox Street area of downtown Doornfontein. Authorities are aware of their presence, but are unable to act as no 'official' crimes have been committed at this point. Lieutenant Bhudram of the Hillbrow Special Crimes unit made this statement to the public, "Weird and disturbing behaviour is unfortunately not classified as a crime under South African law at this point, however we are well aware of the existence of this organisation and will keep them under constant surveillance to ensure their actions do not result in unlawful activities." 

Another case of police allowing crimes to be committed or cultural expression running wild at the next level? Only time will tel